Hitting behind a CPU opponent

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Hitting behind a CPU opponent

Postby Brad1981 » 13 Apr 2022, 21:51

When hitting behind a CPU opponent (trying to wrong-foot the CPU), is there a way to make the CPU react less quickly? As soon as I hit the ball, the CPU automatically moves in that direction, but in real life there is a slight delay in the footwork, making hitting behind an opponent an effective tactic, but not when playing here against the CPU.
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Re: Hitting behind a CPU opponent

Postby manutoo » 14 Apr 2022, 08:47


there's a small delay as well, but actually, usually the CPU stops running just before you hit the ball, to avoid strong wrong-footing.

Also, there's no true wrong-footing, which is when the foot that should push you back to the opposite direction doesn't touch the ground. The game always considers that this foot is on the ground when the opponent hit the ball. It's not possible to apply that to your player, as you don't directly control his feet, and thus applying it to the CPU would give him a strong disadvantage and a discrepancy in the rules applied.
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