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About Talents

Postby dongtaipo » 29 Mar 2022, 03:17

Hello again Manu,

1) Of all 7,592 players, only a handful of them have any Talents. 33 players, to be exact. Only 4 players have Topspin serve, only two have Spinny Backhand and there's no one using Flat Backhand. It seems to need working on for sure.

2) Ball feeling not only affects volleys and smashes but lobs and drop shots as well, right? And especially when close to the net. Could you elaborate on how it works or how much it makes difference?

3) Even with Early ball hit on, the ball goes out too often when hit on the rise. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you for everything, Manu!

P.S. Just as a matter of interest, do you have any plans for the skill decay option I mentioned last month?
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Re: About Talents

Postby manutoo » 29 Mar 2022, 10:20


2) Ball Feeling affects every slow strike : it allows you to strike softly the ball even when its incoming is a bit too high ; in other words, you lose the control of the ball only of faster balls when you do a slow strike ; the defensive lob can be considered a slot strike and the drop shot surely is

3) Early Ball Hit allows you to take the ball a bit before its highest point, but if you want to hit it very early, you'll still have a lot of problems (but a bit less than without that talent)

4) Likely not before porting to consoles (I guess)
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