Disabling automatic serve & swing ?

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Disabling automatic serve & swing ?

Postby Tennis-Saint » 19 Mar 2022, 11:42

I like the game and the controls very much so far! But one thing really annoys me...
Why is it necessary that the player serves automatically, if I don't hit any button for a few seconds? And why does he return the ball automatically at all, even without pressing a button?
I think this destroys a lot of the realistic feeling of the game. I would really prefer if there is an option to turn this off, so that my player does only the things that I tell him to do, and nothing else. No extra positioning and not hitting the ball without me hitting a button.
I mean, that ist the way it is done in most tennis games I played... and striking the ball automatically feels for me like an constant beginner mode that I can't turn off.
Or is there an option to turn this off that I haven't found yet? If so, please excuse me for my ignorance... but If not, I would really know why you do such an arcadish thing in a game that should be a realistic simulation of the sport, and why you think that this automatically serve and return is a good idea.
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Re: Disabling automatic serve & swing ?

Postby manutoo » 21 Mar 2022, 07:57


1) there's a time limit to serve in real tennis, so this kinda simulates that ; you can pause the game at any time pressing the Space key

2) nope, sorry, you can't switch the auto-swing off.
But in higher levels of difficulty, you'll see it's indispensable to have it, because you'd just not have time to take care of it by yourself before finishing to position your player...
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