TE4 - Auto Positioning [on return of serve]

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TE4 - Auto Positioning [on return of serve]

Postby MaxiReturns » 15 Feb 2022, 21:42

Hello everybody,
I play TE4 now over a couple of months and I really enjoy the realsim of the game and playing it. Also, I think that I have slighlty improved my gameplay over the time. But I have a massive problem with returning sevices in online games. For example, in cpu games Im easily able to return the services from the Master10/orIncredible cpu without any problems, by holding the shot button (which starts the autopositioning). And it works quite well.... my player clealry moves to the ball and makes good returns. But when I play online with the same settings (realstic mode, simulation keys and all+danger zone and autopositiong at fast), the player doesnt move to the ball. Its always like, that my player doesnt want to return the ball.....
So, is there a difference between cpu matches and online matches with auto positioning?
Thank in advice!
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Re: TE4 - Auto Positioning

Postby manutoo » 16 Feb 2022, 07:20


maybe you play with Fast AutoPos offline, while online it's forced to Medium AutoPos..?

Else, try to press the strike button when the server starts to throw the ball, else release it as soon as you know where you want to run.
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Re: TE4 - Auto Positioning [on return of serve]

Postby Mystery » 17 Feb 2022, 04:28

For realistic mode, the auto positioning would automatically set to Average instead of Fast in online games, regardless of what you put in your char sheet.
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