Women serving speed and returning the serve

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Women serving speed and returning the serve

Postby joe_hk » 15 Jan 2022, 16:38

conorb7990 wrote:Too many errors from the return of serve. the ball either just goes out or into the net. Can understand missing a few but the serves aren't even that fast to justify this constantly happening.

Hi Manutoo,
I just bought the game from Steam and I love the 2013 version very much. (I bought the full pack with 4 games together but unfortunately I could not play 2013 again as my macbook is the latest version)

Anyway, I have the same issue as this player having just played for a few hours
I missed hundreds of return serves, either dumping it into the net or wide from the side lines. The CPU was just serving at below 120KMH and I still missed a lot of these.
When they serve down the T, I dump the ball into net. When serving out wide, I miss 98% of the returns. So it makes me feel it is really unplayable. :( :( :(
In 2013 version, I have never had the same problem.

Also I wonder why the serves are so slow for this version. I just started the women's tour and play a tour event. Even my serve skills are around 60%, I can only serve at 14xKMH at most. And my opponents keep serving under 120KMH (yet I still miss all the returns). Any skills on how can I improve?

Re: Women serving speed and returning the serve

Postby manutoo » 16 Jan 2022, 09:37


I checked and indeed the serve speed seems a bit low at 60% power for the women : the average is 135km/h . I'll raise that average to 139km/h for the next Build (which might not be the next update), so the top speed will raise by 6~7km/h.
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