[TE4] How To: [Play against the CPU]

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[TE4] How To: [Play against the CPU]

Postby Tommy2 » 13 Sep 2021, 17:03

I don't know! , I guess that sums it up. All I want to do is Create my player. Run the game either in Steam or just PC and have that player show up and play against the computer players.
I've done created players at least 10 times and deleted them but could never get to the point they showed up in the profiles to play others. Help a senile old man out please.
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Re: How To:

Postby John Hackenroe » 13 Sep 2021, 19:24

I'm not sure what you mean by not showing up in profiles. After creating a player, he/she should show up in your World Tour save. Then you can enter tournaments, usually by qualifying at the start if your ranking is low.

Sounds like you might be confusing creating player vs creating profile.
Forget about the profile. Start a World Tour and there you will have the option to create a player. You can edit their name & appearance. You will have 300 default points to allocate to their attributes.
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Re: [TE4] How To: [Play against the CPU]

Postby manutoo » 14 Sep 2021, 06:18

I was confused by your message as well so I hope John Hackenroe got it right... :blackeye:

You can play an exhibition match in Training Club -> Match.

You can edit the player to your linking in Training Club -> Character Sheet -> Player 1 & Player 2.

You can go to the World Tour -> Tour Info -> Ranking -> Click a Player -> Character Sheet -> Export to the Training Club (on the bottom right), save him, and then load him from Training Club -> Character Sheet -> Player 2.
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