Self Confidence problem?

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Self Confidence problem?

Postby iopzzza » 02 Sep 2021, 03:58

Is there any way i can disable self confidence completely or just set it to be a preset number all the time? I am using Djokovic (as a cpu) right now to simulate season, but after he loses a match this self confidence thing, gets low and after that he starts losing to worst players than him (its a vicious cycle and super unrealistic).
For example, Federer , no matter lose or win always stays at 95 Self confidence, which doesnt make sence cause i use CPU player also and his confidence should stay the same. Please , Manutoo., can u make a fix for that or some option ( in the next update) , or just tell me how to set Djokovic to have for example 90 self confidence for the whole season , without drops.?

Edit: This can be fixed if u allow user to modify skills when playing seasons mode (atm you cant do it even with dev mode on ) I suppose its not that big change, but really gonna help me. Cheers.
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Re: Self Confidence problem?

Postby manutoo » 14 Sep 2021, 16:04


sorry for the delay to answer ; I got a lot of complicated days lately, and I wanted to focus my work on other things.

As I was not sure about what you described, I just tested 6 CPU vs CPU matches on BG-Cement with exactly the same high skills, except for the confidence being at 100% for the 1st player and 0% for the 2nd one.

The result is 3 matches won by each, and 12 sets won by the 0% confidence player vs 10 sets for the other one.

So the conclusion is that the Self Confidence influence is very low and you shouldn't worry too much about it... :)

My guess is that out of 100 sets, the 100% confidence player would win something like 51~53 sets, but I'm not sure as I didn't test further. (hopefully it doesn't make him weaker to have high confidence :blackeye: )
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