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[TE4] Praise

Postby sickjoce » 07 Aug 2021, 22:24


First of all: sorry for being off topic. I don't post much but i have been lurking in the forums for quite some time. I just got [Please don't advertize concurrent games] 2 on PS (free with PS+ subscription) and it amazes me how can 1 single guy outperform by HUGE Margins a hole studio of developers. As a tennis player myself, they don't even come close to the level or realism that TE2013 and TE4 offers. I'm completely dumbfolded that all those studios (Any other tennis game also) with so much resources failing to preproduce what this guy has done alone.
Thank you for your hard work i hope the new game is a massive HIT and it is well worth the time you have put into this.
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Re: [TE4] Praise

Postby manutoo » 08 Aug 2021, 06:03


thanks. :jap:
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Re: [TE4] Praise

Postby TimovieMan » 08 Aug 2021, 22:33

Seems like the perfect thread to heap on the praise.

It's not just that one studio. It's *every* tennis game out there...

I'm a huge fan of tennis games (especially single player vs CPU) and I have played dozens of different ones, going as far back as the mid-80s. Earlier if you count 'Pong'. I've played tennis games on pretty much every single platform (even on ones I never owned). And all of them were lacking. Either it was a lack of "real names" for opponents, or a lack of balanced gameplay, or - especially as graphics and licensing improved - a lack of realism in the in-game progress. Usually they were lacking in multiple departments. That said, some of those games were pretty good. I have fond memories of some of those games (Tennis Ace on the Sega Master System and Top Spin 2 on PC for instance).
But all of them pale in comparison to the combination of FUN gameplay and REALISM in pretty much every single part of the game that I found in Tennis Elbow 2009 over a decade ago. Tennis Elbow has been my go-to series ever since, and it's the only game that has *always* been installed on my computer, even on four different systems throughout the years.
I still checked out the competition this past decade, but now all those (sometimes big-studio developed) games had a major disadvantage: they had to withstand the comparison with Tennis Elbow. And none of them do. I've played every game that's gotten a PC release, I've played a few on the Wii, on the PS4, etc.
Not a single one of those games nails it as much as the Tennis Elbow series does.

The "easy to learn but difficult to master" gameplay in Tennis Elbow is really unsurpassed. The balanced nature of the different playing styles is unlike anything any other game has ever brought. And despite the lack of "state-of-the-art" graphics, Tennis Elbow is the only game that actually *feels* like real tennis.
Add to that the fact that we have every single real prominent player from the past 40-50 years in the game, the correct ITF/ATP/WTA scoring systems for tournaments, and realistic tennis season calendars, on top of easy-access online play vs other players (for those less inclined to play vs the CPU). It's safe to say that the Tennis Elbow series is by far my favourite sports game ever made.
Anything the TE 2013 version may have lacked in the graphical department, got remedied by the modding community. And even in its vanilla state, it's been the best game I've ever played. And also the one where I've clocked the most hours in (well, football management game CM 01/02 may be close :P )...

Now with the switch to Unity, the graphical overhaul for the 3D game, the new player attributes, further improved gameplay, and addition of a junior tour (something I've wanted to see in a game since forever), TE4 has already surpassed TE 2013 in almost every way, even in its current "Early Version" state.

The fact that - instead of a studio effort like all the other games - this is a one-man passion project, makes the awesomeness of the Tennis Elbow series even greater.

So, manutoo, thank you for giving us the best tennis game that has ever been made and for continuing to improve upon it. May TE4 become a massive hit for you across all platforms (yay, Unity!), so you can get more and more recognition for all the time and hard work you've put into this series. I'll certainly continue praising this series like I have been doing for the past decade. It's too great a game NOT to do so...

Keep up the good work, and thank you for giving me (and many others) hundreds of hours of tennis fun!!! :thumbright:
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