[TE4] Advice when AI player stays at the net

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Re: [TE4] Advice when AI player stays at the net

Postby sixstringseraph » 10 Jan 2022, 09:42

I play at Pro 7 and I use about 80% short shots and if he's really super close and I can get to the ball early, I go for an offensive lob. Aside from the animations, it feels very realistic. Some players are really good at the net and almost impossible to beat once they settle in, but some of them you can just hit a short shot straight back at them and they usually shank it. That being said, I do think top S&V players are the hardest to beat. I was playing Sampras the other day and I had to adapt a Medvedev style return and try to catch the ball sooo far behind the baseline so I can hit an accurate accelerated shot.
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