[TE4] Selectable gestures ?

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[TE4] Selectable gestures ?

Postby TimovieMan » 10 Jun 2021, 00:28

When creating a player, will it be possible to customize the gestures in the future?
Once the modding community starts adding new gestures (like they did for TE2013), it would be nice if we could pick the ones we like best...
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Re: [TE4] Selectable gestures ?

Postby manutoo » 10 Jun 2021, 05:45


it's possible, but not easy, to add that by Modding.

The base game doesn't have enough gestures to clutter the UI with these selections... :fear:
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Re: [TE4] Selectable gestures ?

Postby Fed1 » 10 Jun 2021, 16:08

I feel there can be room if you separate, under the 'Customize character' section, the animation from clothing, so the first section should be called something like 'animations' where you can change those (And thinking long term, it would be great if we can have separate animations for each shot, having multiple animations as suggested or even adding more in a future), and the other would be 'clothing' or 'appeal' where you can change it's face along with clothing (Again, long term, it would be perfect if we can select all different outfits codes from PlayersATP.ini here).

You can separate this two sections by making them a dropdown section, so when you select one you can only see the label of the other at the button or top. The other option is to create a second page on the 'Customize character' section to separate this 2 sections, where you can switch between them with the bumpers or triggers from the control or the mouse. Under the character spin section you can add the label "Page 1 of 2" and add buttons left and right to switch between them.

This is only a suggestion, I know developing the menus wasn't an easy task and I'm not sure how expensive (In terms of coding time) this can be, but I think a lot of us would really like this.

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