[TE4] Surface Skills ?

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[TE4] Surface Skills ?

Postby iopzzza » 01 Aug 2020, 00:49

Hello again, sorry for my repeated questions ,but in the last topic here you've said.

manutoo wrote:Maybe the topspin is still not efficient enough on clay... :thinking:
Or it's an issue with surface skills, as you can't train them in TE4. :fear:

Does that mean CPU (i put both players on pro 10 an follow Nadal matches only) players on TEM2 train as they like ,as the season goes and those in TE4 doesnt, cause that will do a big difference? Also what does surface skills mean? For example , when he ( lets say Nadal) plays grass ,his volley and net pressence go up? Or those are the stats in the middle of the player screen that say slow, neutral ,fast , very fast? Which one is it? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Just a question for Manutoo

Postby manutoo » 01 Aug 2020, 06:30


there's no training for the CPU players. It's just their Surface Skills raise when they play on a surface. Their minimum is 50%.

A low surface skill lowers most of the player skills when playing on the corresponding surface.
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