[TE4] Some Suggestions from a TEM2 user

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[TE4] Some Suggestions from a TEM2 user

Postby Guest » 30 Jun 2020, 07:47

Hello, I just found the TEM in version 2 on Steam and I think this simulator is fantastic. You are doing a great job! Thanks a lot. :applause:

I am from Germany and my English is only school English. Therefore I would like to apologize especially for my sentence order.

I would have change requests for a better realism for the TEM4, if they are not already on your list:
1. the applause of the visitors often comes too early, so for example a longer rally is "predicted"
2. the shine of the players including their clothes should be taken away; unfortunately, they still look like waxed-in game figures at the moment.
3. rest breaks (players in chairs) should at least be inserted into the running game as a still image (maybe 15 sec?). Then you could also stop the game once during this time.
4. after the end of a game, the applause should not be stopped immediately and the applause should last longer
5. ask players to play before the game (only text from the referee)

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