[TE4] How to tune court physics ?

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[TE4] How to tune court physics ?

Postby vsqtpqd » 05 Jun 2020, 00:42

Hi manu, how are you? Im a big fan of the game, had te11, 13 and now the 4. Just watched yesterday a Te2013 video that has this perfect ball physics. I started to search how to do it and even found a post of scarecrow talking about the elasticity, friction and other things... I want to ask you, I play te4 and I haven't found a single way to do it in this version!! I've tried everything but havent found de COURT.INI file that everyone talks about... just found it in tennis elbow 2013 and tem2, could you help me?? thanks!!! great work on the game ;))
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Re: [TE4] How to tune court physics ?

Postby manutoo » 05 Jun 2020, 06:09


it's currently not possible to Mod TE4 ; you'll have to wait for its Modding SDK to do such kind of things. Maybe it'll be there in 6 months. :fear:

If you want to give a try to modding the new court physics, you can try with TEM2, as it works in the same way.
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