Running an experiment TE 4

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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby MRGreeny74 » 04 Apr 2022, 20:45

manutoo wrote:MRGreeny74,
it seems relatively well balanced, except maybe for the Bulldog, and surely for the Counter. Logically, the Counter should perform better on faster surfaces, so hopefully it'll compensate for this poor result... :blackeye:

Which player types actually have their strengths on which surface ? In the character sheet you can see the symbols of the player types, but I don't really understand the colors of some symbols.

Volleyer & Counter = Grass ?
Counter Puncher = Cement ?
Defender = Clay ?
Allrounder = Blue Green Cement (US Slam) or everywhere ?
Bulldog = ???????
Power Baseliner = Everywhere ?
Puncher = Concrete ?
All-Court Attacker = Everywhere except Clay ?

Is that correct ?
court crocodile
court crocodile
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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby MRGreeny74 » 04 Apr 2022, 21:03

French Slam V0.52 (Build 84-2022.3.17)

Setup :

1.) All the 9 WTA-Player-Types competed against each other (Default Players only, so no World Tour Players)
2.) All players had the same default animation setup
3.) Pro-10 difficulty level
4.) All skills at 90%, top spin skills at 50% (Doubles-Spirit = Very High, Motivation = Very High)
5.) All players were right-handed and played a double-handed backhand
6.) All players were 175cm tall and had a weight of 65kg.
7.) There were no special talents assigned
8.) Best of 3 were played per match (WTA-Standard)
9.) 10-Set-Matches were played per Match.
10.) Matches were played on Clay in 2D mode.
11.) All matches were played in Training mode

The Counter Puncher player type (57-23) narrowly beat the Power Baseliner player type (56-24) to win the French Slam. The Bulldog player type who won the Australian Slam finished 6th in the French Slam.

Once again, the Defender player type (29-51) played very weakly, and with another disastrous performance, the Counter player type (8-72) ended up in last place of the tournament.

Here are the Results :
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court crocodile
court crocodile
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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby Burned » 04 Apr 2022, 22:51

Pretty astonishing to notice that defender and bulldog players played pretty bad on clay where they're supposed to excel.
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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby manutoo » 05 Apr 2022, 06:20

theoretically (ie: in real-life), it should be like this :
- Volleyer : fast surfaces
- Counter : medium to mid-fast surfaces (but in TE, he might be still effective on full fast surfaces as well)
- Counter-Puncher : medium surfaces
- Defender : slow surfaces
- All-rounder : medium surfaces
- Bulldog : slow surfaces to medium surfaces
- Power-baseliner : mid-slow to medium surfaces
- Puncher : medium to mid-fast surfaces
- All-court attacker : medium to fast surfaces

In TE4, I'm not sure everything is well respected... :blackeye:

About the clay results :
- I think the defender is a bit too passive, but a more aggressive defender is the Bulldog, so maybe I'll have to give him some real defending boost, but then the rally length might get unrealistically high, especially for Defender vs Defender matches, so it's not easy to solve :fear:
- the bad results of the counter are normal, it's his worst surface (think Hewitt at Roland Garros :P )

Side note :
- the Counter-Puncher will likely be modified to become more special, so it may invalidate partially these results in the future
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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby Belroy » 07 Apr 2022, 14:10

It is funny that the topic looks like some scientific experiment with expert(Manu) feedback and peer review :D
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Re: Running an experiment TE 4

Postby tennisfreak93 » 25 Apr 2022, 10:20

I've played power baseliner: grass courts work very good.

also very defensive play is best on sand.


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