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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0d

Postby S.Williamz » 05 Mar 2010, 16:04

Something needs to be done about serve and's just impossible to pass if the opponent is decent. Volleys in rallies are okay but serve and volleying just needs to be far less effective. Currently I'm losing all of my break opportunities to serve and volley. I doubt I would even get any opportunities if my opponents served and volleyd all the time(which some do).
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0d

Postby CC » 05 Mar 2010, 19:02


I was playing around earlier in an online game and produced one or more of those short strikes that stayed low, although I don't think they were volleys. I'll tell you how I did it (although it was accidental). My opponent was about on the baseline in the center (the middle of the "T"), and I was also centered with the court but was also about on the baseline (toward the net). Well, we had a rally in which I was just playing around and was just pressing the keys for the short strike (b1 + up) with no direction and no movement, so that the ball went to the center but was a bit short; my opponent had not been positioning well for strikes, so I was just using this to draw errors. He hit the ball right back to me for several returns in this rally (so I didn't have to move from side to side), and I just continued to use the short strike with no direction. So, there were several hits like this in this rally, and then one of his returns was a little short (bounced in the service box). I went close to the net, but I decided to stay with short strike. I stepped into the rising ball and just pressed b1 + up, and I produced this very dead return that looked like it was going to make it to my opponent as the other strikes had, but instead it stayed very low after the bounce, and his swing missed :) . I think it surprised both of us, because we had just been hitting these shots back and forth such that he didn't have to move forward any for the other returns, and then this one comes, looks the same as the others, but just dies after the bounce. I was a good bit to the side of the ball (and hit a forehand shot); I also have hit shots like this when the ball was very close to the ground after having bounced and I was so close to the ball that it looked like I hit it with my wrist (used the short strike again to produce the "dead" ball).

In summary, step into the ball and press b1 + up; you would probably need to be in the red a lot to hit this. You can probably see better from replays the positioning your opponents are using during the volley shots like this, but I suspect that the strike is b1 + up. I had a post about this many months ago, where players were able to use the slice or the auto/safe strike (not b1 + up) with very poor positioning to hit "dead" shots like this, even in simulation mode, but ManuTOO told me that this was a feature and that I shouldn't necessarily expect more errors due to poor positioning in simulation mode as opposed to arcade mode. I hope this helps.

ManuTOO, here is a feature request. Would it be possible to add an option during replays of saved matches to display the controls used for shots? It could just be a little text box showing things like, "b1+up, right," "b1+b2," "safe," etc. Maybe it should only display during replay of matches with CPU (not online) so that no one's "secrets" would be revealed, but it would be helpful to learn the game better and to be able to answer posts such as S.Williamz's. What do you think?
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