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Postby btaylor » 08 Oct 2009, 10:46

Hey Manu

Remember the Sampras serve video that I emailed you sometime back?

Well, I was comparing the TE Sampras serve with the real thing and noticed that when the real Sampras tosses the ball for the serve it is more above his much so that if he were to let it drop without swinging at it, the ball would hit him on the side of the head...

He tosses this way so as to be able to disguise the type of serve he's going to hit...the opponent can't get a read on whether it's going to be a kick, slice, or flat serve to either corner of the service box...

As it is now, the toss is too far to the right (for a right-hander) or too far to the left for a left-hander...

Maybe you could make a wee bit of an might help some of the TE09 players that are having a bit of a problem getting used to the rhythm of the Sampras anime...(like me :wink: )

Also, don't forget about pronating his wrist and racquet face out more to the side a bit (you said that you would try and tune it a little :wink: )
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