Is this a bug? [My Player Appears Twice in the Draw]

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Is this a bug? [My Player Appears Twice in the Draw]

Postby bigu2 » 05 Jan 2013, 02:58

Is this a bug? I was playing a game, beginning a new player in a new season...
So, I was good in a Future event and I won a wildcard to enter in main draw, but before ask me if I was play an event, so I entered in qualifying draw and I qualified...
Then the system create two copies of myself... and these confront them...

And the screen divided: I confront myself, controling both. One won and other lost, so, for one, asking me if I want to enter in another event, while the other continues in event... (I had an image, but I don't get post it here).

I never imagined that is possible play with two players in this game.
Very, very strange!!

Re: Is this a bug?

Postby manutoo » 05 Jan 2013, 04:40


yes, it is a bug ; if you can reproduce by loading an old saved game, and if you play with the latest version, then you should send me your saved games => topic5-4587.php .
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