Official Ladder Rankings

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Official Ladder Rankings

Postby S.Williamz » 01 Sep 2008, 00:38

Race Rankings (November)

1. Gavbo(no rank)
2. Togtdyalttai(1)

(X) = Current Ladder Rank

(+) = Moving up
(-) = Moving down
(+ or -) = Big mover

This ranking is a monthly race to the best ranking spots in the Official Ladder Rankings, and is based on the Head to Heads, found here:

Official Ladder Rankings(as of November 08)

1. Togtdyalttai(active)
2. R.Gasquet(active)
3. Santiago92(active)
4. S.Williamz(active)
5. Elena Dementieva(active)
6. Zuzana Ondraskova(active)
7. R.Federer(active)

This ranking is updated once at the start of each month(using time GMT+3 hours), and it is based on the Race Rankings.

List of #1 players(time as #1 in months, in chronological order) :

Togtdyalttai -


(active) = has participated in the ladder in the past month

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