Trouble loading modded nets from TE2013

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Trouble loading modded nets from TE2013

Postby user23 » 25 Feb 2022, 01:15

I've been trying to add modded courts and nets made for TE2013, I got the courts figured out but I'm struggling to add the custom nets.

First, I made a folder named CustomCourt01 inside Mods/MySuperMod/Courts. Inside CustomCourt01 I have the court.ini, court.jpg and other courttex.jpg's. After that I edited the Tour.ATP.ini and added "CustomCourt01 = 10".

Then I referred to a previous post made by Manu on adding nets to TE2013.
I edited my GameSys_Mod.ini and added this:

Net = short
NetSkin = Nets/Melb
Skin = melb

short.3ds is currently in Mods/MySuperMod/Models
Inside Mods/MySuperMod/Models/Textures/Nets/Melb I have net.3ds and misc_00.tga.

When I try to play the court the net is missing and there's a white box in the center of the court. I looked at the output_log.txt and it shows this:

Initializing Court 'Courts/CustomCourt01/'

Init 2D Stadium Stadium01
Can't find 3D model 'short'

I'm not really sure what I'm missing here, and I've tried looking for some answers on these forums but I've run out of ideas.

Thank you for any solutions/suggestions.

Re: Trouble loading modded nets from TE2013

Postby manutoo » 25 Feb 2022, 06:55


TEM2 cannot load .3ds files. You can choose only between the 2 built-in nets. See here to show the legacy : topic60-33319.php .
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