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training question

Postby birdzilla123 » 29 Oct 2021, 01:47

I have a question about training, specifically juniors. The documentation is pretty clear about what the reddish and turquoise lines mean for potential of the player, but what does the wavy purple line mean? Thanks!

Re: training question

Postby manutoo » 29 Oct 2021, 09:12


here : ... tml#junior
=> "In the character sheet of a junior player, his current maximum potentials are shown in pink, except if they are the same as his current potentials, and in such case they are hidden."

But indeed, it looks more purple than pink, or at least it's a dark pink... :blackeye:

EDIT: I updated the doc so now it says "purple". :)
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Re: training question

Postby birdzilla123 » 29 Oct 2021, 17:58

Haha purple or pink, I could see it both ways! Thanks :)

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