Issue with accents in translation file

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Issue with accents in translation file

Postby Guest » 04 Apr 2021, 05:47


I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but i'll ask it anyway, please remove if this is not the right place.

I want to update some Categories and Sponsor names and for this i've created the "Lang_Português_Mod" (i'm brazilian).

I've picked the //=== Category and the //===Sponsor from the original portuguese file in SDK and copied to Lang_Português_Mod, after the alterations i've tried to start the game but even with portuguese selected as language, all the game is in english. (But my alterations are succesfully inserted in the game)

So i've copied all informations in the original portuguese file to the Lang_Português_Mod and when i tried to run the game again, there are some inconsistencies like Português is shown Portugu?s, or Início is shown In?cio.

How can i correctly mod these files?

I've also tried to insert the code pt-BR in the LanguageCode // but no success.

Thank you for your hard work manuto, and antimouse (and all translators) for translating the game!

Re: Translate TEM2 to your own Language !

Postby manutoo » 05 Apr 2021, 09:46

thanks to your report, I found & fixed the bug for today's build ! :yes:

Just put your changed sentences in Lang_Português_Mod and with the latest version you should now be ok.

(I'll move this to its own topic in a couple of days, if I remember :blackeye: )
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