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Juniors generator

Postby Greenville » 03 Jul 2021, 13:02

Hi Manutoo,

First of all, thank you for this amazing game. I am anjoying TEM2 a lot.

I have a question:

How does it work with the juniors generator each year? Because I want to play with Malta and eventually win the Davis Cup, however there are no new players generated. I modified the Database to include Malta into the countries chosen to play it, and the game generated 2 players, but there are no more than those 2 (plus mine as a 3rd) after 7-8 years.

Then I see that countries like Argentina or Australia generates lots of juniors almost every year.

What could I change in order to get more juniors generated from an specific country?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Juniors generator

Postby manutoo » 04 Jul 2021, 06:34


normally, 4 years before a player from a country retires, a Junior player should be generated from the same country, with the same best rank as the future retiring player.

It needs only 2 players for a country to participate in the Davis Cup.

Also, you pick a country having 0 player, then the game will switch a player nationality to your country.
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