How to remove form of the day?

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How to remove form of the day?

Postby iopzzza » 23 Jul 2020, 04:57

Hello Manutoo.
1. How to remove form of the day for TEXT based matches? Any idea?
Pics below. Seems to work for 3D Real Time match
2. Also , if i play them as a 3D Real Time match , but choose the option , fast forward to end of Set or End of Match, Are the matches counted still as 3D matches or they go in like Text - Based matches,cause everytthing gets simulated fast? Is it simillar like if i Accelerate time with DevMode?
3. Third and final, how will be better to simulate things? Did a test , on TE4 , Nadal , watching the matches as 3D and acelerating them with DevMode, he is nowhere near Clay Nadal , like 2 roland Garros in 6 years, but wins also Wim 2 times, us Open 2 times and Ao Once,
Then tried with Text-Based on TEM2 , He won 8 AO , 8 RG , Didnt even reach the final ot Wim once.. and 5-6 US.
Switched to Djoker on Text Based , but he won 0 slams for the first 4-5 years and i decided to check things up.
As for the Form Of The Day , i usually see that top players get around 70-30 Bad days, that's why i want to remove it completely :)
Been trying to simulate things... that's why i am asking. Trying to find the most realistic set-up. Should i do it only on TEM2? Or TE4 3D MATCH and TEM2 Text-based?Is there any difference from TE4 and TEM2 3D Matches? I know i asked lots of questions, sorry. (At last case i could make 2 simulations one as 3D Match , other as Text-Based)
Hope you understood my questions and sorry for the long post. :)



But not for the Text-Based Matches.



And this is my Setup , per your instructions :) :)

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Re: How to remove form of the day?

Postby manutoo » 23 Jul 2020, 06:58


1) It's not possible to turn it off

2) Skipping in 3D match is same than accelerating, except rendering isn't updated to save time

3) a) As said in my previous message, the topspin might need some tuning & balancing.
It's unlikely that Nadal will win 11 RG in the 3D matches though, as his opponents will be stronger than in real life (and himself might be a bit less strong than his real-life counterpart)).

b) >> i usually see that top players get around 70-30 Bad days

What does it mean ?
With high Concentration, they won't get a bad day often, and with high Constancy, when they get one they'll lose only 1 or 2% of skills.

c) TE4 3D = TEM2 3D.
Text matches are more predictable and easier to tune, so if you want to have relatable results, pick them.
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