MOD coach contract and recruiting

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MOD coach contract and recruiting

Postby gusztafszon » 16 Oct 2019, 08:53

Hi all,

Is it possible to mod coach contracting and recruiting in the following ways?

- I want to be able to sign anyone (or at least the ones with smaller reputation than me, I am not looking to have Nadal...). So when I am a coach with high reputation, I want to sign not so good players as well.
- I don't want the players to set expectations, or the contract could be way longer.

The reason behind this is the following:
- I prefer to get players from my main players home country, develop them, and hopefully winning national events. When I have a TOP10 player I want to be able to sign even players around 400 position, who at most will be around 100. Still could be useful for smaller nations national team. And I dont want expectations ruining the game (e.g. injury, so I lost the hardly found and trained player form my small and lame country..)


Re: MOD coach contract and recruiting

Postby manutoo » 17 Oct 2019, 06:58


1) I lowered the Minimal Recruitment Cap in the previous update ; if it's still not enough for you, then you can add the following lines at the end of your Tennis.ini (or your Profile's .ini, if you have created one) :
RecruitMinCapCoeff = 0
The old value was 1, the new value is 0.5 ; 0 means no cap at all.

2) And you can change this line in your Tennis.ini, under [Coach], from :
ContractLength = 52
to :
ContractLength = 5200
So the contracts will last 100 years..! :-)
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