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MasterCup Category Type

Postby MichaelTA » 21 Jan 2019, 18:41

Whenever I created a tournament category using this line, it seems like I can only have 8 specific players in the tournament:
Type = MasterCup

I tried to use this line, which sets the best ranked player to be number 55 in the race, so that all players from 55-62 fill the 8 spots in the draw:
BestPlayer = 55

However, I included these lines to try and allow random players ranked about 55-80ish to enter the field, but they seem to be overrode by the MasterCup tournament type and so have no effect:
TopPresence = 0.2
TopTopPresence = 0.2
TopTopRanking = 80

I have 2 questions:

1) Is it possible to make it so that not only players ranked from 55-62 appear in a tournament using this category (i.e. using a tournament with 2 groups of players before the semi-finals)? I have noticed that this line only works in the MasterCup category:
Group = 1

2) If I try to enter this tournament using one of my players, not ranked in this range (whether ranked higher or lower), I cannot. I would assume the BestPlayer vairable is responsible for me not being able to enter if my ranking is better than 55 in the race, but in other tournaments with a BestPlayer variable set I can still enter if I have a better ranking. For example a Challenger 125 event has the same BestPlayer stat, yet I can still participate in a tournament like this if I wish with players that have a better ranking than 55.
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Re: MasterCup Category Type

Postby manutoo » 22 Jan 2019, 08:35


1) I noted it down but I won't do anything about it before a while, as I got my list of small things to do quite big now :sweat:

2) The Masters Cup selects the players, while for normal tournaments, it's the players who select them, thus it doesn't work the same for many things. So in this case, if your player doesn't meet the needed criteria, he won't be picked as his planned tournament isn't used.
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