Effect of sparring partners

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Effect of sparring partners

Postby Spicer » 11 Jun 2018, 17:07

I had my Junior train for a whole season with a sparring partner in the coaching team and could not see any sign of effect whatsoever in her skill progression

She only trained at the coaching center using "Practice match", one year she had a sparring partner and in another game she didn't
In both cases, she started the year with 1.5% in Rallying and finished the year at 1.8%

Similarly, if training "Hit Drill: Rallies" for a whole year, she started at 1.5% and finished at 11.8% whether there is a sparring partner or not

Are they actually of any use for Juniors?

Also, bonus question: What is the Girlfriend benefit (as seen in team.ini)?
and seeing as I play WTA, can we have a Boyfriend option to go along as well, please :P ?
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Re: Effect of sparring partners

Postby manutoo » 13 Jun 2018, 10:09


ouch, I had written some nice practice code, but I just had forgotten to actually run it... :blackeye: (in coder terms : I had written a function that I didn't call :whistle: )

It'll be fixed for next update !

So the sparring partners are only needed & useful for practice matches (except if they have another skill).

And the gf is there since 2007, but I never implemented her function... Maybe I'll do it one day... :aureola:
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