A Question : how to return a smash when at the net ?

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A Question : how to return a smash when at the net ?

Postby me » 09 Oct 2007, 23:28

Hi Manutoo, or someone else with the knowledge...

When I'm at net, and my opponent too, and I hit a lob, and my opponent gets to it and hits a smash towards me, I can't return it, the ball just dies. I thought it's impossible to return that smash, but some players seem to know how to return it, as a weak but good shot. I think this is fun cuz then the point can go on.

Now here's my problem: I don't know what I need to do in order to return that smash from that position! :lol: I quess I could go and figure it out myself but I'd appriciate if someone told me. :lol: I asked one particular player but he won't tell me cuz he thinks it's a secret! :roll:

Anyway, thanks. lol

Postby me » 10 Oct 2007, 00:42

And i don't mean coming really close to the net...

Postby manutoo » 10 Oct 2007, 09:09


use the button 2 = safe strike ... ;)
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Postby me » 10 Oct 2007, 11:39

Oh well that was simple... :lol:


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