i can't afford to pay for tennis elbow

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i can't afford to pay for tennis elbow

Postby rangannk123 » 14 Sep 2007, 14:05

man i wanted 2 convey my heart 2 u i never mind u deleted my postings i wanted 2 make u aware of the game jsut thnk what i am 2 do in india i got fifa 07, 4 100rupees ie 2.5$ and wid 20$ i can hav 10 days of my living and can giv rent of a small room.so do u thnk i would sent 20$ 4 ur game.yes i lik ur game but it would be 2 harsh with ur charges.in france 20$ is small but not in india so u should lower ur price 4 som countries lik india pakistan srilanka and soandi am sure if u mak it 2.5$ u can mak about 10 times more full versions being sold. so u just thnk in my part.do u wanna see u being praised 4 ur abilities or u just want 2 make 20$ of each version.pls reply 2 me manutoo
at rangannk12@gmail.com.pls

Postby manutoo » 14 Sep 2007, 14:17


ok, at least, you have been able to write a message not full of insults... (although I had anyway to change the topic :roll: )

So I can answer you : if Tennis Elbow is too expensive for you, you can play online for free, forever. And since version 1.0c, you can also play warn up for free, forever.

If I don't get money for my games, then I won't do games anymore, that's that simple. I have to pay the bills, same as you & anything else.

I sent you an email to your address with a couple of more options to buy the game...
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