My Suggestions for TE2007

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My Suggestions for TE2007

Postby Guest » 26 Aug 2007, 11:45

1 Can we make baseline winners easier?(when fighting to the CPU) Now even in the grass it is so difficult . (I remember the TE 2004)

2 we human players need to change return direction more rapidly in some situations.(but if we can't, it's not a big problem)

3 make smash harder to defence(especially when the defender is on the volley, in fact we should not able to defence)

4 The errors shouldn't always be "OUT" , sometimes it causes by lower height.

5 The errors shouldn't all count to the "unforced errors"

6 The forehand should be normally much stronger than the backhand!!

7 The slice is still not so effective now.

8 The drop shot or the lob should be much easier to fault.

9 For CPU players, he is too strong in volley but in the other hand if we give him a drop shot he makes fault easily.

PS: My english is not good.

Postby EdgarDavids » 27 Aug 2007, 05:45

I agree with all of your suggestions; the ones that are the absolute most important to me are #1, #3, #8, and #9.
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Postby Guest » 27 Aug 2007, 06:36

#10: the CPU player seems never give weak return, even though i "strongly forced" him.(but if i was "strongly forced" and couldn't run to the right place in time, i would have to give weak return)

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