How to install new version ?

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Postby Williamz » 07 Aug 2007, 15:30

Hi, I don't know how to install the new version. :lol:

I downloaded it, I extracted the files and then played, it still said all others had a different version plus I lost all of my elo and saved games and all...not that those matter that much, I'd just like to be able to play online thanks.

Postby Williamz » 07 Aug 2007, 15:38

Ok now I dowloaded it from another link where it wasn't zipped, and it's working. So now my elo is gone but whatever. :)

Postby manutoo » 07 Aug 2007, 15:46


I removed your posts from the topic "Tennis Elbow 2006 Mac" which is for the Mac OSX version of TE2006, and thus, it isn't working on Windows... ;)

And glad that u could install the correct version at last.
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