When do you plan to release TE 2007?

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When do you plan to release TE 2007?

Postby Guest » 24 Jun 2007, 05:35

I really wanna know becasue im deciding to buy 2006 but i wanna know if 2007 is coming soon.

And another question if i buy TE 2006 Do i get 2007 free? or will i have to buy 2007 as well.


Postby manutoo » 24 Jun 2007, 09:19


already answered here :
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Postby Guest » 30 Jun 2007, 06:56

Please remember to include the players name, seed, rank, on the scoreboard.

Rain delays would be nice.

Challenging calls that are out (and making each linesmen with a certain percent of correctness for each ball close to the line).

STATISTICAL POP UPS WOULD BE NICE (like when you show us that we have 3 breakpoints in a game, that is a statistical pop up that works nicely in TE2006).

Keep it up. I like your work.

Eraider (guest),

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