unrealistic scores ?

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unrealistic scores ?

Postby Daffers » 17 Jun 2007, 02:04

first of all, i love this game, and i am glad i bought it.. i just played one week now, qualified for the first tournament..
but there the scores of the computer players seem pretty unrealistic, i saw over 5 6-0 6-0 results.. from higher placed players against lower ones, also all higher ranked players won,.. is this a coincidence for this first tournament, or is this gonna stay ?? or am i the only one who sees this..
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Postby manutoo » 17 Jun 2007, 10:30


yes, it's true, there's a bit too much 6/0 6/0 results, although in real, 6/0 aren't uncommon, but usually it doesn't happen for 2 sets in a row.
About the higher ranked players winning, in real life, when the gap in rank is significant, it's quite often the case, but in TE2006 the odds are a bit too strong in this way.

In Tennis Elbow Manager, the score simulation is more accurate, and it should be integrated to TE2007.
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