advancing on "master", my skills get worse (TE'06)

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advancing on "master", my skills get worse (TE'06)

Postby beck » 16 Jun 2007, 22:35

i can't win master skill, it's stupid that my serve is not working as use to work before...use to have 10-20 aces per set, but now if i make 3, that's great result!
I didn't expect my skills will be worse when i advanced on "master" (especially not my serve), i just expected my opponents will play better.
I've totally lost control over my's senseless! :x :x

Postby beck » 17 Jun 2007, 03:47

This is outrageous!
Andreev bombs me with tons of aces and i can't make even 1!!!

Postby manutoo » 17 Jun 2007, 10:25


if you started a new game on "Master" level, you're going to need a few months to gather enough training points to raise your skills to compete against the best world players.
The total maximum points you can have in all your skills is also lower than in "Pro" level (something like an average of ~60% against an average of ~75%, if I recall well).

If you want you can change that, by editing the Tennis.ini file (or your custom profile .ini file, if you use one) with the Windows Notepad, and look for this line, just after [WT_Training] :
DimMaster = 0.99269
and set it to :
DimMaster = 0.99376
=> to get the same lowering speed of skills than on "Pro" level
and look for this line, after [WT_NewGame] :
PointMaster = 10
and set it to :
PointMaster = 20
to have the same numbers of points to distribute when you start a new game.
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