Bugs when editing player bank ?

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Bugs when editing player bank ?

Postby tenniscrazy » 19 Apr 2007, 00:50

Hello again,

How can you change names and stats of your opponents in the world tour?
I mean, I know it's supposed to be possible in the "edit player bank", but when I tried to change the stats and name of the, say, player 300, and saved it into "alternative player bank", things got all messed up somehow.
I was number one, and after using the alternative bank that I made, my ranking jumped to number 18 for no reason. And all the other players rankings got mixed crazily too. I suppose it's a bug...I saved the day by switching back to "default player bank" though...
But I really would like to change some names and stats...

It's a bug right?

Also, when looking at draws, and pressing a name there to see the players results, it gives a totally different name it's supposed to. Very annoying...
And once, when looking at AO draw, it said "Xavier Malisse" won the whole damn thing, but in reality Federer got all the ranking points.
This was all in the 1.0b version.

Very annoying...

I need to get a life, right? :lol:

Postby manutoo » 19 Apr 2007, 21:07


saving to "alternative player bank" shouldn't have any influence to the game. So maybe you found a bug (I'll try to look into it soon).

Normally, you should be able to change the stats & the name of any player, save it to "Current bank" and go on with your current game.

But if you add a player, you can't go on with your current game.

About the other bugs, could you check that you don't have the build 32 or 33, coz it has a big bug in it ?
To do so, activate the "Advanced options" in the "Misc options" menu and click on "Check New Version".

> I need to get a life, right?

A life playing Tennis Elbow sounds to be the perfect one ! :P
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