The Much Anticipated Tennis Elbow 2007!

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The Much Anticipated Tennis Elbow 2007!

Postby Guest » 09 Jan 2007, 16:45

I'm very much looking forward to Tennis Elbow 2007 as I'm sure many other people are.

Can you tell us any more about it or maybe even a few screen shots (if there are any?). When do you anticipate it being released?

Anything you can tell us would really be appreciated!

Thanks for a great game.

Postby manutoo » 11 Jan 2007, 08:08


I still didn't start to work on TE2007.
I'm currently struggling to finish the 1st version of TE Manager.
After, I'll port TE2006 to Mac, and then TE Manager as well.
And only then, I'll start to work on TE2007... So it shouldn't be before next May, at best.
So TE2007 won't be release anytime before September, if not later.

About the main new things for it, it has been discussed in this thread : .

When I'll start to work on it, 1st I'll add the 3D players, then I'll do the more realistic ball trajectories, and then I'll do gameplay testing, and very likely publish a beta version to gather opinions about the new gameplay, and finally, I'll work on the AI.
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