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Ambiance Suggestions

Postby Forehand » 27 Oct 2006, 21:49

A lot of tennis, and tennis games, involves the atmosphere of the game....ambiance.

The multi-level crowd cheers are a nice touch. I recommend adding more:

Add various crowd noises and use them in more varied ways. For example, on qualifiers you might only have small crowds. Build up to the big matches.

Add the rustle, restlessness, excitement of the crowd on big matches (say final or semi-final on a grand slam) as the match point comes up, or gets close. Even better flavor can be added if you have a crowd favorite based on nationality and where the game is played.

Throw in some ooohs and aaaahs as the point is played out, based on hard to get shots.

You don't need a lot of this stuff, and you don't want it to sound use it sparingly.
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Postby manutoo » 31 Oct 2006, 17:39


all good ideas there...

Last year, I thought about enhancing the crowd cheers for the Davis Cup, but I put it on the side due to lack of good sounds and time.
Now I already recorded a few more matches, and maybe I will be able to find the time to improve the crowd sounds for TE2007.
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