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Training Days

Postby Guest » 29 Aug 2006, 19:31

I understand that to get additional training days for your character that you must forgo tournements for a coupld of weeks. How do you do that? I tried skipping them but my statistics went well below 10%.

I love the game! Thanks

Postby manutoo » 01 Sep 2006, 05:09


maybe you did a mistake by choosing a tournament on next year, so it skipped a lot of weeks ?

Normally, you lose around 5% of your skills every week (relative, not absolute ! ie : if you have 40% in a skill, on the following week, you'll have 38%, coz 40 * 0.95 = 38 ).

Usually, you don't have to stop 2 weeks to do training, a 1-week break should be enough, except if you went on final every week, and accumulated a lot of training points.
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