Doubles Play?!?!

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Doubles Play?!?!

Postby Guest » 18 Aug 2006, 15:03


I played a doubles tournament for the first time recently and I must admit it was a bit disappointing! My "partner" seemed happy to keep jumping out of the way of most shots that came near him! I guess the computer AI must be difficult with 3 computer controlled players on court. Often he will move away from a ball instead of moving to it. It seems as if he thinks Im going to hit the ball instead and he's moving to cover the open court even though I stand no chance of making the shot.

Will this improve with TE2007? I hope so as I find doubles play too frustrating to try on TE2006.

Great game though in all other departments. Im really enjoying playing.

Postby manutoo » 23 Aug 2006, 07:33


it's true the AI of double is quite limited.
But your partner should change of side only when you act like you're going to change of side too.
Keep well on the middle of the left part, or middle of the right part, but don't stay in the absolute middle, else you'd confuse him a lot..!

And yup, I hope to do some improvement for the double in TE2007 (as I'm planning to change the volley, the double should have some modifications too).
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