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previous tennis elbow versions

Postby Cecilia Lopes » 22 Nov 2004, 18:07

As I bought the license to Tennis Elbow on July 23, 1998[/b] I got really upset with the fact that http://goto_[censored]_tennisfr.exe does not respond to my requests. That's where I got Tennis Elbow from and installed it in my old PC.
Now that I have a new one I can not install it with the same unlock key number. In my opinion this is not fair. I'm not asking to get a pirate version, but simply to get the version I own in a new PC.
So, my question is since when Mana Games has been trading this game? What or where are the guarantees for previously purchased versions?
Best regards,
M Cecilia Lopes_ São Paulo _Brazil
Cecilia Lopes

Postby manutoo » 22 Nov 2004, 20:17


1st, I censored the link to Goto, as we ended our contract with them 4 years ago, they don't have the rights to host this file anymore. I'll contact them soon. I guess they forgot to remove it.

As we are NOT Goto Informatique, we cannot support their customers, we don't have access to the keys they gave, and so on.
Goto was our publisher long time ago, and we stopped to work with them when they stopped to publish the game.

As we are the _Authors_ of Tennis Elbow, I didn't propose you a pirate version, but the old Dos version we created, because we don't own the rights of Goto versions (including the one you pointed out, and the version 98 ).

We have been proposing Tennis Elbow 2004 since the beginning of this year, on our website.
And there's no guaranteed support for old Goto customers (as we cannot know who they are), only for the ones who bought the shareware version directly from us.
But in fact, even for Goto customers, we try to do the best.


PS : check your email for more information
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