Davis Cup qualifications

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Davis Cup qualifications

Postby Guest » 09 Jul 2006, 17:29

how do you know which teams are in the Davis Cup World Group/Qualification Group cos i was playing from UK and when i got to Davis Cup it said that my country had not qualified but i do not see any qualifiers in the season schedule. Is there anywhere that gives a list of the countries entered. Thanks in advance

Postby manutoo » 09 Jul 2006, 18:28


the Davis Cup qualifications begin on the 2nd round of the Davis Cup World Group.
When you are be close of the 2nd round, you should see it as "Davis Cup Qualifications", instead of just "Davis Cup", and then you could select it.

If you want to know all the teams in World Group and Qualifications, you can have a look at the Davis Cup draw in the "Davis Cup Board" menu.
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