Using mouse help

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Using mouse help

Postby thesetter » 02 Jul 2006, 20:46

I am brand new to Tennis Elbow and after a few minutes I am hooked, what a great game! I do not own a joystick or a gamepad so I have to play with the mouse. In my limited playing I have not been able to figure out how to change the direction of the ball with the mouse. I have also looked in the help file and there are only instructions for a joystick and the keyboard. Also, if I decide to get a gamepad would I put it under joystick 1 or mouse in the controller options screen?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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using mouse help

Postby sarcastic1 » 03 Jul 2006, 01:38

Hi if you were to get a game pad then yes you just have to put it under joycestick 1 in the options screen
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Postby manutoo » 03 Jul 2006, 09:10


yup, the gamepad is like a joystick, so it'll go under Joystick 1.

With the mouse, you still can give direction to the ball, but it's a bit hard...
When you press the button, go to the left to send the ball to the left, and go to the right to send it to the right. And don't release the button before the strike..!
The real hard thing is to be able to dose the up/down movement to do the chosen strike, even with a lot of training, it might give unwanted results...
I'll try to tune that a bit...
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Postby thesetter » 03 Jul 2006, 16:26

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I think I will be purchasing a new game pad today. Manutoo, you are correct, the mouse is a bit frustrating and I enjoy the game so much it is time to get a new game pad. I am mostly a text game player but this game is a nice change of pace from the games I normally play.
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