Real tournament names?

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Real tournament names?

Postby Guest » 25 May 2006, 14:44

Fantastic tennis game! The attention to detail and deph of the game are what impresses me most. Well worth the registration fee.

However I was wondering how come you have managed to include the real tournament names without breaching copyright or licensing laws? Do you not need the permission of the ATP to use real names?

Keep up the good work though!

Postby manutoo » 25 May 2006, 15:29


sorry, I had to change a little bit your question, if you want to know why, you can send me an email.

Anyway, here the answer :
Tennis Elbow doesn't use the real tournament names (ie : the sponsored trademarked names).
It only uses the names of real cities, and for Grand Slams, the country name.

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Postby Guest » 25 May 2006, 15:58


I think I know why you had to change some of my previous post! :wink:

Keep up the good work!

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