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Tennis Elbow 1997

Postby Wasting Time » 09 Apr 2006, 07:41

Years ago I was trying to find a computer tennis game and came across your game. I purchased it and had many hours of enjoyment. I had forgotten about the game and ran across it hidden on one of my computer folders. I tried reinstalling it but it didn't work. Suprise, suprise since I think it was written for Windows 95. Anyway, I saw you have much newer versions. The screenshots look similar but improved. I will have to try the demo. I absolutely loved the '97 version.

Thanks for the programing. I hope yo make some good money on the product.

Wasting Time

Postby manutoo » 10 Apr 2006, 04:58


I guess you had Tennis Elbow 98 which was an hybrid Win95/Dos, and that doesn't work on Windows XP. (the 97 version was only DOS)

The gameplay and AI of Tennis Elbow 2006 isn't that much different from TE98, but there's a lot of little improvements and fixes in the game itself, and the World Tour has been completely redone with a lot of more features : qualifications, double, score simulation, and so on...

The graphics didn't change much as well, but there are 2 new courts : the indoor hard and the blue-green cement; and you can play in 1600x1200 resolution.

Most of the sounds FX have been redone with better ones.

So I hope you'll like this new version ! ;)

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