What's with not being able to hit hard shots after awhile?

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What's with not being able to hit hard shots after awhile?

Postby Dougie » 02 Apr 2006, 20:59

I love the game, really it and NSS3 are the best shareware sports games out there at the moment, so jolly well done.

Anyway, how come after a while of hitting the "acceleration" shot (buttons 1+2 together - or button "3" in my case) you stop being able to hit powerful shots? I get maybe your player is tired but your opponent is never affected! About 10 shots down the rally instead of whacking it back at a high velocity, your player hits a looping very slow and short ball. This ruins long rallies, as you can't hit winners with either button 1 or button 2.

Please explain why you have this!

Postby manutoo » 03 Apr 2006, 06:53


so 1st, the CPU players have the same limitation rules about their number of accelerations than you.
To see detail of theses rules, have a look here :

The main thing to do long rally is to not waste acceleration when you can't hit a winner. Instead, it's better to use the lift.
And if you run out of acceleration, then you have 2 options left:
- run to volley
- use the short shot (button 1 + up), after a couple of lifted strikes (button 1 + down) (best against defenders, average against puncher, and not really efficient against varied and volleyers, except if they have a low form skill)

More tips here:

I hope it'll help.

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Postby Dougie » 03 Apr 2006, 08:52

Thanks dude

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