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Buying Tennis Elbow

Postby hellan » 30 Mar 2006, 00:31

hello again

I once asked for some ways of purchasing the game, since I dont have any credit cards or bank accounts on my own. I did what you've told me to do but I found paying methods 3 times more expensive than game itself.

So, I have to ask once again, how to purchase a game without paying enormous bank or post office fees??


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Postby manutoo » 30 Mar 2006, 03:59


so your only solution left is to go to bank or moneychangers, exchange your local money against euro bank note, and then send this cash in a registered post parcel to the address here :

But be aware that sending cash in an envelope is illegal, so if for some reason customs check it, then you could lost it (it never happened so far, so I guess the chance to get trouble is something like 0.1% ).

It's the cheapest solution, and it's almost fast (ask your local post office to know the usual delivery time of registered letter)

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