Tennis Elbow Mods Created By Maxime De Greve

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Tennis Elbow Mods Created By Maxime De Greve

Postby Guest » 26 Mar 2006, 22:16

Dont post here questions here i will only post modding things for your tennis elbow game.If you want to request some things in modding send a mail to maxime-degreve(at)

1)Music Mod (almost done)
2)1000 Players (counting)
3)Add New Courts (done but some bugs)
4)Add More Tournaments (not mutch work)

Postby Guest » 26 Mar 2006, 22:22

Music Mod by Dj Ximian (maximedegreve)
Go to C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2006\Music\ and go to the directory "Menu" and "Win", delete the files there and put the files "Menu1.wav" and "Menu2.wav" in the "Menu" directory and the file "TournamentVictory.wav" in the "Win" directory

link : ...

Mana Games can get the music in there next version if they use the name of Maxime De Greve (Dj Ximian) in there credits!

Postby Guest » 26 Mar 2006, 22:40

Player Ranking Table Mod +50 Players
Go to your directory C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2006\Data and replace the file Players.ini.

link :

Postby Guest » 06 Apr 2006, 11:29

I am waiting for a solution to enter more than 6 tournaments a week then i will get starting back modding.

Postby Guest » 10 Apr 2006, 20:40

ähmm arent 6 tournaments enough in a week? Should be enough for most of the weeks to include all ATP tournaments + the Challengers (but no Futures).

Wolfgang Woeger

Postby manutoo » 11 Apr 2006, 05:19

With the last version available online, you can have up to 10 tournaments / week ...
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