Exploit against volleyers

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Exploit against volleyers

Postby Passing by Guest » 28 Feb 2006, 21:41

Here i am again. Starting not to feel like a passing by guest anymore :lol:

I've noticed a exploit in the game that you would want to get rid in the future versions.

When playing against volleyers in medium difficulty, at least with the less ranked ones (i'm not good enough, so i'm still playing just challengers), it's incredibly easy to win the game as the receiver, all you have to do is to do a lob with the accelerated button once you get the ball after the serve. The computer will ALWAYS make the same mistake when trying to smash the ball.

Alll you have to do to win the match is to win one game as a server per set, because as a receiver, you will never lose.

Passing by Guest

Postby manutoo » 03 Mar 2006, 09:25


the "Medium" difficulty has been replaced with the "Pro" difficulty months ago, on last September exactly.
At this occasion, I revised a bit the CPU comportment and placing at volley.

I just tried the play against weak volleyers, in "Pro" and "Junior" difficulties, and they didn't miss any smash on the lobs I did on return, so I guess my changes of last September has removed this exploit ... :)

So you should update your Tennis Elbow with the latest version available on the website.

Anyway, thanks to report this, and if you find any other similar troubles, don't hesitate to let me know !
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