davis Cup and doubles

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davis Cup and doubles

Postby Randy » 16 Feb 2006, 00:57

How does it work it the game? If you do well in your career can you be named to the team? How many countries? How are the davis cup matches decided?

In a career can you pick a partner to play doubles with?

Postby manutoo » 16 Feb 2006, 06:59


[Davis Cup]
you can play Davis Cup whenever you want, you don't have to do good results to play it.
There are 16 countries in the World group.
In the upcoming TE2006, there will be also 32 countries in the qualifying group.
There's a draw for the Davis Cup, with all teams.

every time you enter a double tournament, you'll have the choice of a few double partners, depending of your rank, or you can keep your current partner (if you already have one).
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