How to beat the "Club difficulty" mode ?

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How to beat the "Club difficulty" mode ?

Postby Guest » 27 Jun 2004, 15:42


Tennis Elbow is a great simulation. I'm really impressed with the amount of effort that has obviously gone into making it.
I would recommend it to every tennis lover.
The game play is really very realistic...and very addictive.

I am already hooked on it after only a few days!

I do have a question though. I have noticed that after creating a new player profile and starting a world tour...
the "Easiest" mode is too easy - I win every single match,
the "Easy" mode is a bit too difficult - I can never win even a single game! even after playing lots of Challenger tournaments!

What tips would you recommend for finding a compromise between these two modes of difficulty?


Postby manutoo » 27 Jun 2004, 15:46

- the easy difficulty has been renamed to "Club"
- the medium difficulty has been renamed to "Pro"


So, different things :

- the easy mode, as it says, is not very hard, so with a bit more practise, something like 2 or 3 hours, you should be close to master it.

- in tournament mode, one of the difference is that you start with less points in skills, so your shots are not so efficient, and it takes a bit of time to raise them. At the beginning, you should prefer to raise the Form and the Forehand (or the Backhand).

- in a general way, like in real tennis, you have to learn where to place yourself on the court : a bit after the baseline, and in the center of the field your opponent can send the ball.

- but actually, to beat the Easy mode, you need to master just one thing : the acceleration ! It's the shot you do when you press both buttons at the same time. And while pressing these 2 buttons, push left or right, to send the ball far away of your opponent. With a bit of training, you should win every point striking a couple of accelerations, or a bit more. To be sure to have an efficient acceleration, raise your forehand (or your backhand, as you wish) to 60% at least.

That's all. With that, you should query soon for advices about how to beat the Medium mode ! ;)

Have a nice game ! :)

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