Thanks Manutoo!...about court surfaces...

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Thanks Manutoo!...about court surfaces...

Postby Norberto » 18 Jan 2006, 21:30

Now it is OK!! My key has arrived Ok this time...Thanks Manutoo!

I have played demo previouly and a couple of fast matches with the full game....and my first view is...FANTASTIC.

CONGRATULATIONS mana games!. I think this is the best PC game tennis I ve tested ever, at least in terms of simulation and IA level (graphics are for me a secundary issue if you have got both solid IA and a motor game like this).

I read a lot about tennis, and according to my data, clay is the lowest surface and grass and indoor synthetic are the fastest. I m not sure in the middle...hard, indoor-hard and synthetic courts. I know that Australia Open (Ace Rebound surface, synthetic in the game), is slower tha Us Open (blue-green hard), however, other synthetic surfaces (like Taraflex in Paris TMS) are veeery fast.

For the game, it is said that each surface, I mean: clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, synthetic, indoor-hard and indoor-synthetic; has its specific rebound: Could you classify them in order from the slowest to the fastest surface, please?. The rebound height, is different for each surface as well?

Anyway it is a great simulation...


Postby manutoo » 19 Jan 2006, 05:47


1st, thanks for the good comments ! ;)

if you want to notice the differences of rebound, the best is to play for a while on clay, and then skip to grass after : these are the 2 extremes, and the difference is really noticeable.

So after, here the surfaces, from the slowest to the fastest :
clay, hard, blue-green hard (but very very close of the hard), synthetic, indoor hard, indoor synthetic, grass.

One detail: a fast surface means the ball will be faster to rebound a 2nd time (coz the rebound is not high), so the player will have short time to play the ball after the 1st rebound.

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